The 2007 International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology was held at the Acropolis Convention and Exhibition Centre, in the city of Nice in southeastern France, from April 22 to April 27, 2007. This conference is part of a series of conferences previously organised in Harwell (1978), Antwerp (1982), Santa Fe (1985), Mito (1988), Jülich (1991), Gatlinburg (1994), Trieste (1997), Tsukuba (2001), and Santa Fe (2004).

The purpose of these conferences is to bring together scientists and engineers involved in the production or use of nuclear data for various applications. The ND-2007 conference covered a wide range of activities including measurements, theoretical model developments, evaluation, processing, validation and dissemination of nuclear data. The scope of the conference included the following fields of application: fission and fusion energy, accelerator technology, dosimetry and shielding, astrophysics and cosmology, safeguards and security, space, medicine, environment. The corresponding needs for improved nuclear data was addressed.

The ND-2007 conference was organised by the Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique (CEA) under the auspices of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) and in collaboration with the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The conference programme was established by the Local Organising Committee with the help of the International Advisory Committee, the International Programme Committee, and Session Leaders.

Out of the 635 summaries received from the nuclear data community, 393 were selected for presentation at the conference. The final programme consisted of two opening talks, one banquet speech, six plenary talks, 32 invited talks, 130 oral presentations 195 poster presentations. The corresponding texts which were sent to the organisers according to the instructions provided are included in these proceedings.

377 people attended the ND-2007 conference, included 44 students, and 36 countries were represented. The organisers are very gratefull to all attendees, contributors, and speakers for their actice participation in the conference.

Paris, October 2007
The Local Organising Committee

General Chairs

B. Bigot, Haut commissaire à l’énergie atomique
L. Echávarri, NEA Director-General

Technical programme chairs

R. Jacqmin (CEA)
O. Bersillon (CEA)
S. Leray (CEA)

Conference Secretary

B. Le Fur (CEA)
C. Roze (Voyages Mathez)

Local Organising Committee

G. Barreau (CNRS/IN2P3)
E. Bauge (CEA)
O. Bersillon (CEA)
F. Gunsing (CEA)
H. Henriksson (OECD/NEA)
R. Jacqmin (CEA)
S. Leray (CEA)
Y. Rugama (OECD/NEA)
M. Salvatores (CEA)
L. Tassan-Got (CNRS/IN2P3)
A. Villari (GANIL)


International Advisory Committee

M. Arnould (Belgium)
V. Avrigeanu (Rumania)
J. Äystö (Finland)
M. Chadwick (USA)
P. Chomaz (France)
J. Cugnon (Belgium)
P. D’hondt (Belgium)
F. Dietrich (USA)
M. Dunn (USA)
H. Faust (ILL)
P. Finck (USA)
G. Fioni (France)
T. Fukahori (Japan)
B. Fursov (Russia)
S. Gales (France)
E. González (Spain)
C. Guet (France)
A. Hasegawa (OECD)
A. Ignatyuk (Russia)
Y. Ikeda (Japan)
K. Ishibashi (Japan)
Y. Kadi (CERN)
K. Kozier (Canada)
Y. Lee (Korea)
F. Leszczynski (Argentina)
V. Maslov (Belarus)
A. Nichols (IAEA)
C. Nordborg (OECD)
P. Oblo?inský (USA)
N. Olsson (Sweden)
S. Pelloni (Switzerland)
M. Pescarini (Italy)
L. Ponomarev (Russia)
S. Qaim (Germany)
J. Rowlands (UK)
P. Rullhusen (EC-JRC)
E. Sartori (OECD)
K.-H. Schmidt (Germany)
R. Srivenkatesan (India)
J. Tain (Spain)
P. Vaz (Portugal)
Y. Yariv (Israel)
T. Yoshida (Japan)
A. Zaetta (France)
Z. Zhao (China)
  International Programme Committee

A. Aprahamian (USA)
G. Audi (France)
M. Baba (Japan)
M. Bé (France)
P. Bém (Czech Rep.)
J. Benlliure (Spain)
J. Blomgren (Sweden)
R. Capote (IAEA)
A. Carlson (USA)
S. Chiba (Japan)
C. Dean (UK)
I. Duhamel (France)
U. Fischer (Germany)
R. Forrest (UK)
W. Furman (Russia)
E. Gaillard-Lecanu (France)
S. Ganesan (India)
F. Goldenbaum (Germany)
S. Goriely (Belgium)
R. Haight (USA)
G. Hale (USA)
H. Henriksson (OECD)
M. Herman (USA)
G. Hubert (France)
M. Igashira (Japan)
T. Ivanova (France)
D. Jones (South Africa)
F. Käppeler (Germany)
J. Katakura (Japan)
T. Kawano (USA)
I. Kodeli (OECD)
P. Koehler (USA)
A. Koning (The Netherlands)
L. Leal (USA)
H. Leeb (Austria)
R. McKnight (USA)
A. Mengoni (IAEA)
R. Michel (Germany)
R. Mills (UK)
R. Nolte (Germany)
E. Ormand (USA)
A. Plompen (EC-JRC)
L. Robledo (Spain)
C. Rolfs (Germany)
Y. Rugama (OECD)
F. Tarkanyi (Hungary)
R. Tripathi (USA)
A. Trkov (Slovenia)
A. Ventura (Italy)
Y. Watanabe (Japan)
H. Yu (China)


The ND-2007 organisers gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the following persons, who provided their time and expertise in the detailed preparation of the conference programme or in the review of the summaries and of the written contributions:
P. Baeten, G. Barreau, J. Benlliure, J. Blomgren, R. Capote, M. Chadwick, J. Cugnon, J.P. Delaroche, E. González, S. Goriely, H. Goutte, R. Haight, A. Hasegawa, S. Hilaire, T. Kawano, C. Konno, E. Lacroix, A. Lebrun, X. Ledoux, H. Leeb, A. Plompen, S. Qaim, D. Ridikas, J. Rowlands, G. Rudolf,M. Salvatores, O. Serot, D. Smith, A. Sonzogni, P. Talou, R. Tripathi, P. Vaz, A. Villari.

We would also like to thank the attendees for having contributed with their participations, presentations and discussions, and having made this conference a fruitful and successful event in the field of nuclear data.