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ND 2007
Article Number 061
Number of page(s) 4
Section Nuclear models
Published online 17 June 2008
International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology 2007
DOI: 10.1051/ndata:07293

On the role of activation and particle-emission data for reaction model validation

M. Avrigeanu1, R.A. Forrest2, A.J. Koning3, F.L. Roman1 and V. Avrigeanu1

1  EURATOM-MEdC Fusion Association, "Horia Hulubei'' National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering, P.O. Box MG-6, 76900 Bucharest, Romania
2  EURATOM-UKAEA Fusion Association, Culham Science Centre, Abingdon OX14 3DB, UK
3  Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group NRG, P.O. Box 25, 1755 ZG Petten, The Netherlands

Published online: 21 May 2008

Experimental cross sections are compared with the results of calculations including all activation channels for the stable isotopes of Mn and Cu, for neutron incident energies below 20 MeV as well as up to 40-50 MeV. It results that within the former energy range, the model calculations are most sensitive to the parameters related to nuclei in the early stages of the reaction, while the model assumptions are better proved by analysis of the data in the latter energy range.

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