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ND 2007
Article Number 077
Number of page(s) 4
Section Evaluation of covariance matrices
Published online 17 June 2008
International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology 2007
DOI: 10.1051/ndata:07450

Application of Monte Carlo techniques for propagation of cross section uncertainties to actinide inventory in ADS transmuters: comparison with sensitivity analysis

J. Sanz1, 2, J. Juan3, O. Cabellos2, N. Garcia2, F. Alvarez4 and E. Gonzalez4

1  Department of Power Engineering, UNED, Madrid, Spain
2  Institute of Nuclear Fusion, UPM, Madrid, Spain
3  Department of Statistics, UPM, Madrid, Spain
4  CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain

Published online: 21 May 2008

A comprehensive study is performed in order to evaluate the impact of activation cross section uncertainties on the actinide composition of the irradiated fuel in representative ADS irradiation scenarios. Some of the most recent sources/compilations of uncertainty data are used, and the results obtained from them compared. The ANL covariance matrices are taken as reference data for the calculations. The complete set of cross section uncertainties provided in the EAF2005 data library are also used for comparison purposes. In this study, the inventory code ACAB is used to analyze the following questions: impact of different correlation structures using fixed uncertainties/variances; effect of the irradiation time/burn-up on the concentration uncertainties; and applicability of Monte Carlo (MC) and sensitivity-uncertainty (SU) approaches for all the range of burn-up/irradiation times of interest in ADS designs.

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