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ND 2007
Article Number 160
Number of page(s) 4
Section Neutron cross section measurements
Published online 17 June 2008
International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology 2007
DOI: 10.1051/ndata:07552

Performance of a 4π Ge spectrometer for neutron capture cross section measurements

M. Oshima1, J. Hori2, H. Harada1, K. Furutaka1, M. Koizumi1, F. Kitatani1, Y. Toh1, A. Kimura1, S. Nakamura1, M. Igashira3, M. Mizumoto3, T. Ohsaki3, T. Katabuchi3, J. Nishiyama3 and J. Goto4

1  Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Tokai, Ibaraki 319-1195, Japan
2  Nuclear Reactor Institute, Kyoto University, Kumatori, Sennan, Osaka 590-0494, Japan
3  Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, O-okayama, Meguro, Tokyo 152-8550, Japan
4  Niigata University, Asahimachi-dori, Niigata, Niigata 590-0494, Japan

Published online: 21 May 2008

Neutron capture cross sections of minor actinides and long-lived fission products are important for the R&D of innovative nuclear reactors. However, those data are rather poor both in quality and in quantity at present. Thus, we have started projects for neutron cross section measurements. We have constructed an 4π Ge spectrometer consisting of Ge crystals and BGO shields. The neutron cross section measurements have been done at KURRI electron linac and JAEA JRR-3 facilities, which will be extended at the high-intensity neutron source at J-PARC.

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