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ND 2007
Article Number 265
Number of page(s) 4
Section Fusion applications
Published online 17 June 2008
International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology 2007
DOI: 10.1051/ndata:07663

Deuteron induced activation cross section measurement for IFMIF

K. Ochiai1, M. Nakao2, N. Kubota1, 3, S. Sato1, M. Yamauchi1, N.H. Ishioka1, T. Nishitani1 and C. Konno1

1  Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Ibaraki 319-1195, Japan
2  Kawasaki Plant Systems, Ltd., Tokyo 136-8588, Japan

Published online: 21 May 2008

Deuteron irradiation experiments were performed to measure two kinds of data for IFMIF accelerator structural materials. One is a measurement of deuteron-induced activation cross sections for prospective candidate materials, i.e., aluminum, vanadium, chromium, manganese, iron, nickel, copper, tantalum, tungsten and gold, in the energy range of 14-49 MeV. The other is a measurement of deuteron-induced activities of nuclide produced in SS316 and F82H by 39.5 MeV deuteron. It is found that most measured cross sections correspond with TALYS calculations rather than ACSELAM and it is confirmed that the activities in SS316 and F82H can be nearly evaluated within the accuracy of the experimental errors by using the present measured cross section data.

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